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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  December 19, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> the headlines this hour, a historic step for the european union. it has come to a landmark banking deal that marks one of the biggest transfers of national sovereignty since the introduction of the euro. say close togroups 1000 people were killed in just two days of violence in central african republic. are pointingonals the fingers at mostly muslim rogue rebels in christian militia attacks. could the u.s. spy agency the nsa scale back on its methods? -- givinguse panel
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only the president the right to ok spying on foreign leaders. hello, everyone. also coming up this hour, in sports, a football-leading pope francis gets a trophy and a goalkeepers glove, this after his favorite team clinches the argentine title. and you will need one of the two directors of animated me" andter "despicable 2," and he is french. it has just come to a landmark banking deal that has marked o of the biggest transfers of national sovereignty since the introduction of the euro.
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oliver fairey has more on the new banking union and that preventing a repeat of the crippling crises that have already hit the eurozone. >> the european banking union deal aims to prevent overstates getting burned by bad banks, but it came about only after protracted negotiations. brussels will have a range of new powers to curtail the effects of taking failures and the deal will add to the existing supervision by the ecb, and deposits of 100,000 euros will be guaranteed. the mechanism will close toxic banks before things get out of hand. producing revolutionary chance -- change to france's financial sector. so that taxpayers no longer foot the bill. >> bangs will also be expected -- banks will also be expected to contribute, but it is unlikely to be enough.
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additional financing may come from the european bailout security mechanism. that is a sticking point among certain eu members, particularly germany. nonetheless, the german finance minister said this was the right way forward. >> this was very controversial for a long time because the interests varied widely. that is why we are building the right contribution for the stabilizing financial markets. it is hoped in the european parliament that it will be passed before the term ends in may. >> that banking deal came hours before the eu summit kicks off in brussels. are aiming germany to downgrade plans for deeper eu military cooperation, but france for its part wants to add a on eu funding for unilateral interventions for current
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operations in the central african republic. a new report from amnesty international says close to 1000 people were killed in the central african republic capital bangui two-- of months ago. toue rebels in their rampage avenge other deadly attacks from christian groups. things are calm or in bangui now, but the french army and you -- and humanitarian groups are facing a new tragedy. it is thought that some 500 that asked that some 5000 children have been orphaned. a few of whom are being taken to nearby orphanages with the help of unicef. do, yetng as children many have fled massacres. 20,000 people live in these displaced -- these camps for displaced people from the situation in bangui. traumatized, silent,
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sad, in dire need of being talked to with caring support. she will be taken to an orphanage but there are only two places. her 10-year-old brother will also leave the makeshift camp. they will say to you why should i stay here like this if i have to continue to suffer. being, it is a heartbreaking moment for the young girl.
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the orphanage is only a few kilometers away. you are here with others. you will get food. you can play an wash. you will be fine here. >> thousands of other orphans remain in refugee camps, but she is clearly one of the lucky ones. >> in the latest from south loyal to the former vice president have reportedly seized the town of bor. 500 people have been killed so far in the five days since the clashes began. sudan seems to be split along ethnic lines. uganda has said the u.n. has asked its president to mediate in the conflict in sudan. >> the streets of juba may be
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calm her, but the american embassy has effectuated nonetheless. britain is said to be helping its citizens leave, and other nations are expected to follow. with almost 20,000 people continuing to rely on the united nations. . >> this is a crisis, and he needs to be dealt with through political by along. there is violence spreading to other states. we have already seen some signs of this. >> the crisis began sunday when rival groups of soldiers began fighting. the president has accused his former vice president of orchestrating a coup. >> it was a military coup attempt. he subsequently spoke to a local newspaper denying any
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involvement with the fighting. r has said he is ready for any ilog with -- any dialogue with machar. the campl come back to where they can find medical care. we have about -- we have also seen some gunshot injuries, which we have addressed. >> there are fears that any escalation could seriously destabilize the world's youngest nation. next, a white house-appointed panel has issued a massive report filled with curbs on the controversial national security agency. if president barack obama follows even half of those
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recommendations, it would mean the nsa would significantly change the way it does business. some of those recommendations include handing the collection of u.s. phone records to phone companies alone and making sure the president signs off personally on spying on foreign leaders. nicholas rushworth has more. could be significantly constrained. the white house review panel has 46 recommendations, among them an end to the collection of mass phone records. storagesale government of phone data, and for the phone data to be held by a third party. the white house review group expressed deep skepticism about the value and effectiveness of the metadata program, arguing it has only made it modest contribution to the nation's security. >> it is a substantive, lengthy report, and it merits serious review and assessment. when we finished the internal
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review, the overall internal review in january, the president will deliver remarks to align the outcomes of our work. >> the u.s. president has already signaled he will not agree with one suggestion, that it should be possible to have a the nsa instead of a top general. the proposal comes two days after a federal judge ruled that the nsa's massive surveillance program is unconstitutional and almost orwellian. edward snowden offers to help into nsag deeper activities. he said he could do so in exchange for political asylum. his legs have provoked outrage about u.s. mass surveillance worldwide and a debate on how much spying should be carried out. more falloutbeen on the arrest of the indian diplomat in the u.s. she was detained and strip- searched following allegations of visa fraud and underpaying her made. project, havea,
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taken to the streets to protest. india demands that the u.s. dropped the case. indian protesters angry at the united states and its treatment of an indian diplomat. was strip-searched in new york last week after being arrested on charges of visa fraud and underpaying her nanny. her father has asked the media for their support. >> i am grateful to all of you. created an entire nation's sentiment. >> given the scale of the outrage, washington is in damage limitation mode. u.s. secretary of state john kerry expressed his regret. >> on our side we said it was a positive conversation.
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i believe folks on the indian side may have as well. we are focused on moving forward and i do think it was a good opportunity for the secretary to very directly express his regret and talk about where we go from here. bail afterree on giving up her passport and pleading not guilty to charges. she faces a maximum 15 years in jail if convicted on both counts. her lawyer says his client was humiliated, and her case mishandled. >> we hope that we will not ever have to address the actual charges in court because we hope and expect that, from a diplomatic level, this case will be resolved. has a series india of reprisals, including removal of a barricade in delhi. >> it is time to take a trip up into the stars. that is with the european space agency has just launched, its star-surveying satellite called gaia. today from french
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guiana. it will produce a 3-d map of about one billion stars in our galaxy. jonathan crane reports. language]ng native making, 20 years in the a liftoff for the gaia satellite. above the russian rocket soyuz, the gaia will shine a light on the milky way. during its five-year mission, scientists hope gaia will map the position of one billion stars. the telescope could also detect new planets and asteroids that may one day threaten earth. the european space agency's project, the most sophisticated ever attempted by europe, cost 700 40 million euros. but scientists say the money is well spent. as a professional astronomer, there is no need to display and how fundamental gaia is. everyone knows mapping the stars
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is the best -- the basics of the rest of astronomy, and everyone is looking forward to getting this data in hand. satellite space, the will use two telescopes to build a 3-d map of our section of the galaxy. by repeating the procedure over and over, it can be accurate to near zero margins. the telescopes are so sensitive, they can measure a person's thumbnail from the moon. the mission follows in the footsteps of the hubble , and a satellite that match out 100,000 stars until its operation ended in 1993. a quick look at the headlines this hour. a historic step for the european union. it has come to a landmark banking deal that marks one of the biggest transfers of national sovereignty since the introduction of the euro. groups say close to 1000 people were killed in just
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two days of violence in central african republic. amnesty international is pointing the finger that -- i oguee rebels -- at r rebels. and could the nsa scale back on its methods? a white house-picked panel like lettingbs only phone companies hold u.s. phone records and giving only the president the right to ok spying on foreign leaders. ,"u are watching "france 24 and it is another year we can say -- the russian president giving a marathon this conference. latimer pruden has been having a good year diplomatically, and that seems to come across -- vladimir putin has been having a good year diplomatically. he used his press conference to confirm the increasingly conservative course he seems to
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be charting in his third term as president. while he is the subject of today's inside look, former advisor and spokesperson mike to mikhailhev -- gorbachev. thank you for speaking to us. it seems like putin is making no apologies when it comes to his hardline stance he is holding to the west. he says it is about protecting russian values. is that the case, or is there more to it than that? >> i would say vladimir putin present himself as someone on the defensive. giving the image as if his under was under attack or offensive from the west. from this point of view, he is foreigno resist on policy and also on the internal policy front. this is why he mentioned the values dispute, so to say. >> one of the issues in recent days is the situation with ukraine. president putin mentioned
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ukraine, speaking about the brotherly connection that russia has with the ukraine and denying any link between his offer to help ukraine as well as the offer from the european union. do you believe that is true? know, in diplomacy, naturally you should not give 100% value to all the terms being used by the politicians. had the russian ukrainian relationship been all the time those of the brotherly thereonship, certainly had not been difficulties on the russia-ukraine border with gas supply and the others -- i think is believingputin that he is engaged in a political war, but he is behaving professionally when he
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is saying that his offer to ukraine has nothing to do with the alternative. that means the choic ukraine might have be obliged to between the european union and russia. well, i think he is just following the all-time saying which says diplomatic jargon is being used to conceal the real source. >> what about the ukrainian president, jenna kovacic -- victor jenna kovacic? scared by pruden into submission? >> well, scared i would not say. the two men have a longtime relationship in the past, and you should not forget that putin has tried to support and help him to win in the first
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elections several years ago. lost to his adversaries from the revolution. no pruden again comes to his rescue. but i think you ninkovich also and he like a politician has to face real problems for his country. and from this point of view he realizes that assistance in the former solving of his problems can come at present at least only from russia rather than from the european union. >> vladimir putin has had a on theof wins this year diplomatic side. you have said in the past that his successes are mostly due to the failures of the western world. what do you mean by that? >> you might say that in the
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-- iry of the blind, it would say that the successes of vladimir putin are very much explained by the failures of the western diplomacy. iran, or from this point of view, i would say the situation when actually the western partners are obliged after a certain file to agree with vladimir putin or to come back from their initial positions and to try to come to a compromise with him. confirming russia as the unavoidable partner in the west, something that can be contested by the west for many years, actually since the collapse of the soviet union. >> we have just a few seconds left.
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is vladimir putin the new king of the world? arco well, again, it is a very strange -- >> well, again, it is a very strange situation. i think vladimir putin is a good technician, but i doubt he is a good strategist. many of his cousin successes may turn into being very much relative eyes or may turn into failures. this depends on his partners as well. >> hanky for speaking to us. -- thank you for speaking to us. time now for sports. champ? hastennis just named german star boris becker as his coach. first, a look at football and france. >> extra time since he reached the quarterfinals of the french league cup.
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birding came off the bench to equalize in 70 minutes. it went to extra time. -- his 18th ofie the season. signed -- marseille is in front 30 minutes into the game after latching onto a knee headed flick. this player was brought down in the area by his goalkeeper, on the half-hour mark converted to make it 2-0. the serbian defender just before the break, but finished 2-1. bordeaux, who won the french cup , won the last eight. seconds,-- within 60
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the rebound was turned in. extra time, and in the 91st minute, he had been brought down by the goalkeeper. champions 2001 enjoyed a 3-2 victory. nice were comfortable winners ochaux. manchester united will play sunderland. west ham will take on tote and him. -- west ham will take on tote ham.him -- totten casablanca achieved their dream
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run. two goals in the last 10 minutes made the moroccan club the first team outside europe or south america to reach the world cup finals. champions find munich are readying themselves to grab the fifth trophy as they take on casablanca. champions -- its first world cup. the bavarians ensure the european champion reach the final for the 10th time in as many editions of the competition. welcomed thehas winter champions center -- san lorenzo. on wednesday he congratulated team members and reminisced players.ching the team
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his holiness was also presented with the championship trophy. the defender spoke about meeting a fan quite unlike any other. it was a unique experience. unforgettable for us. nobody was expecting to have a private audience of 35 or 40 minutes with him. the fact that we won the championship allowed us to come here and spend time with him. he was very happy to meet us, and we were very touched to see him. it really was a great joy to experience this moment. said lorenzo has just won the argentine -- which runs from august through december. they will face the winners to determine the overall champions.
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michael rodgers, the former team iner whose -- who rode support has been provisionally suspended following a positive test for an anabolic agent. in the japanitive cup cycle road race on october 20 this year. djokovic hasvak appointed boris becker his new head coach. will begin working with the serb ahead of the australian open in january. in 2013, novak
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